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This has been a completely different restoration project to the Sabre in that we have no history to the kart. Dave Malpas ( original owner of the Sabre in 1982) and I decided to embark on a joint class 4 project. We heard of the Sprint with a Mugen Honda engine for sale but there were 5 other potential buyer in line! The kart was complete but in a very sorry state. it would need a complete strip, replace a number of damaged tubes,  re-jig to straighten the chassis, bead-blast and powder coat. The Chrome would need stripping and re-chroming and the engine a rebuild. Paul Young was entrusted with the engine which turned out a lot worse than originally thought, but he did a good job. We had hoped to use the original CDI ignition, but that caused a few headaches so it was replaced with a PVL unit. I stripped, cleaned and rebuilt the KP calipers with new seals. I also located a pair of original KC calipers and worked my magic on them with new seals. All pipework was replaced as were the chromed rapid-fit connections.