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The Zip Euro was originally built in the mid to late 1970s. It was the cheaper, less sophisticated version of the Zip Shadow.

This complete restoration came about following a telephone call from its owner Dennis Dunn who had been recommended to contact me. Dennis wanted the chassis colour changing to red, the original mechanical brake changing to hydraulic, a new, better seat fitting, new floor and the grp tank sealing as it was leaking.

I convinced Dennis to keep the brake but let me clean and set it up correctly. The fuel tank was sealed and fitted to a new aluminium floor, but again I convince the owner that whilst that was great for exhibitions etc  for reliability a poly tank would be better so I made a second floor tray and mounted the bottle tank to it. This allows a quick change between the two with only 6 bolts to change it over!

The engine was pretty dirty when it arrived so it was stripped sealed and then vapour blasted. The crankcased were then tumbled to seal the surface as the original engine would have been. The barrel and head were both treated with VHT treatment to bring back the original black finish.